The Disengagement Song

I used to be a stinking left wing

I sat with Ahmed and mixed the concrete

I thought that occupation is not moral

Until you came and occupied (conquered) me


We met on the beach

Between Gaza and Rafiah

I brought you flowers

We climbed the turret

God forbid, what a reserves (miluim)

I don’t anymore from the territories



I am breaking right

Leaving Beinyamina, Rina

As long as the soul, inside (from the national anthem)

The end to Palestina


I have a weakness for settler girls,

I can’t evacuate from you


I connected to the roots, connected to the homeland

I raised a caravan on a lone hill

I grew, dwarf carrots

And now remains that  you will be my wife


But you now disengage (disconnect) from me

And I have nowhere to go

This is deportation, and this is not moral

A Jew does not break a heart of a Jew


The War Of Hanukah

The War Of Hanukah


(In English)

The most supreme, guiding the damn dream team

I represent Greece, so sleek, u can’t mess with a nigga who can power-speak

The name is Antiochus Epipphanes, the epiphany of heavenly glory

I came here to tell yall a story

The gods u worship and the things you do ain’t nuthing but phony

To save the grace and save the nation, i tell you to stop all this today

Any body has hesitation; we will deal with it personally

I got a whole battalion, worse than the tai - ping rebellion

Take you into pieces as i craft my next thesis ...

Thesis to blow you into pieces

cuz i represent Alexander and his dream is my dream... make the whole crowd scream with rage

rage for the Jews, yall are just few, cant do much, weak as hell so better listen to what i tell


Destroy your culture and everything in it .... that be my dream till my last breath


Sacrifice, magnify, exemplify the name Zeus ... for all them fools

Come in with offering to remove them from suffering

Bring your best, don’t suffer like the rest

Obey my commands then you shall see peace

Or lay lying dead in blood in the middle of the street


(In Hebrew)

dear brothers

we have no other country

god has opened the door

we will fight till death, fight till the end

we will fight for those who are in our hearts

no king will show the Jewish nation the way

the bible, the hope, the love we have for the land

the roots that the great soldiers hold

we will raise an army

even if we are a minority

even if we will probably die

here they come

in shields, daggers, we won't fear

and we will stand and that's how we will survive


(In English)

Look at you, so miniscule and so small, you cant even stand up 2 my tallest man

we are the greeks, aint no geeks

we fight... fight with the might.... take away your light...

so think twice before you mess with us, and stress with us.... cuz we emerge

down from the smoke.... u cant see us but you still get hit...

its the greek smell of victory .... blood on my face and fist... making sure my team is first...

so step back, take a breath back  befoe you enter your dooms day  and give your lives up to us Yeah...!!!!


Oh no! cant you hear, dont you fear ... the greeks did it once again

victory is our middle name boy..

swords are clashing, every thing bashing, blood on the greek's face aint a new thing

you cant even step to us or get near to us...

you got some stupid face guiding saying that he will fight for you..

i aint seen nothing yet, so retrieve before yall get killed...


O Lord Aries, I pray to you to keep my soul, and my team in your hands

victory forever lies to you... o mighty one... dont let me go....don’t let me go, don’t let me go, don’t let me go (Yeah!!!)


(In Hebrew)

not in will and not in strength, but in the power of the soul

until we won't win, we won't rest

sword to sword, blood will spill from dusk till dawn

that's how we won the greeks

because of our faith and god

but the oil will last for one day

and the temple is crowded

please god, do a miracle before everything will collapse and fall

eight days it's all he gave

Judea the Maccabi, the jew who freed Israel

until this day we pray, one people

this holiday will stay deep in our hearts


JoniCZNIS December 2005


Feeling of the Heart

Feeling of the Heart



a whole feeling says, you I love

a lot of tears on the pictures because it hurts

I gave you love, girl

and breaking up burnt the soul


I remember how we were like two love birds

we wouldn't have left one another

how many tears I shed on you

in the hardest moments, I guarded you

I did not throw away the pictures

and at the end I understood that nothing is worth it

if I don't have the touch of love that came from the heart

I gave all of myself and now I hurt

you have been all my life, the light of my life

when will you come back girl, light my soul?

the smile is gone

you are with another and I'm disappointed

how could you have hurt me?

why is the world cruel?

how could you have hurt my honor?

I was happy with you

memories shows me you

I have fullfilled your dreams, and at the end you have given up on me




The tears have turned to ice

how did the flower I held in my hands died

my eyes are closing

going down on my knees

I didn't mean to leave

I just wanted to love

I didn't get to tell you that it's possible continue with the relationship

wipe the tears, break the walls, they block my way to you girl

you are the happiness in my life

without you I'm worthless ??? ????

so until when will the loneliness between us continue

I want to tear apart

I know that both of us are gone, we have parted to our ways

and until the day, that day, the same picture, the same memory, the same girl

I stand in the same place with the tear

while actually, it's raining hard here





Since you left you have opened my heart

and didn't close, left me alone

the memory remains with you forever

I don't believe in the agony of love

but I believe that both of us win it

how much happiness you gave to my life

why do the tears pour from my eyes

oh lord, I'm tired of suffering

she got all of me and at the end she dumped me

why such a cruel fate was written on me?

the face of an angel have turned now to satan

in a second, she have left me for another

I was left alone sleeping in bed at the cold nights

how did your heart turn like this girl

just to see you for a moment

how perfect it was for us together

I still love you and I will never forget

the memory stays with you forever




AVS ft NIS, March 2007


Ha Shona Shel Li

my neighberhood
my Bar-Giyora
you are my dear
my neighberhood

I didn't get here from nice places
the reality is yours, with me, only bad dreams
the time stops, the pain in the heart gets stronger
I go out to the streets, there's nobody to talk to
I don't want to fight, I don't want to get in trouble
but in Bar-Gioyra nothing works right
3 AM, people in the garbage
I wonder around, I walk on a tight rope
I know, there's someone who hears
I try to float, but sometimes just drown
yes, in my neighberhood, the nights are dark
I walk in the streets, avoiding the shadows
suddenly, I see a big door open
I see light inside, I am sucked into it


Johnny boy


It's so hard to be in reality, to live in violence
To see your own blood
try to avoid any situation, any chocice
so we start from the beginning
wait a seconed
from the bottom till the top
from the place I am in
to the places that it's hard to get a higher rank
the neighberhood, the apartment, the song, the tune
the students, the classess every year
the pain of the children, the chorus and the rhymes
people want to get out of here, but they barely enter
you can see they are wrecked from the situation
my back has broke
look at the eyes of the small children that have no shoes on they feet
that's how I see myself cast aside
I don't want to see myself earsed
with the drug I have grown
and I could have escaped by now
to get out of the hole
to break my reality


Changing dreams, in the pockets no cash
life is easy and hard and easy
friends in jail, crazy friends
every morning I get up, prey for god
the song is on a twisted and strange neighberhood
I got here by accident
I don't want to leave
even though it's not easy
Bar-Giyora you are with me
Here I will live
Here I will die

YEP Song of Peace