My Trip to Greenland


This bird was killed a year ago but kept in the freezer for later cooking.

I taught the lady how to use Dalet television software, she taught me about Greenlandic culture by inviting me to her house for dinner.

We ate raw seal blubber, dried whale, dried seal, dried shrimp and boiled lamb from South Greenland.

The houses on the right are government housing for poorer families in Nook

 Hans Edege, brought Christianity to Greenland.

A Beautiful view of the city of Nook.

Raw Seal blubber. Tastes like Sushi.

This rabbit was killed over a year ago and kept in the freezer like this until cooked and eaten at a later date.

Partying in up in Greenland in my hotel room with girls from Greenland and guys from the Danish Navy.

Andrea and me after a night of partying.

These guys woke me up at 5 AM, banging drums and celebrating the last day of school.