Baby Zaara Baby Zaara When will she meet her soul mate and make another beautiful child? Will looking like a supermodel matter to her? 39640831 Who does she look like more? Will this kid be brought up Muslim, Canadian, Bangali or will she just be herself? 39640834 I hope that this look of curiosity stays with her for the rest of her life. Will she be a doctor, a prime minister, a hood rat or a soldier? 39640836 Sleeping Beauty Lets hope that she experiences world peace in her lifetime. 39640838 New father and daughter "Whats so hard about raising a baby? This doesn't seem to hard?" Look at those flabby arms, I think in a few months he will be finally be able to bench press his weight. 39640940 Its up to you if this girl becomes a good person or a bad person, I wish you luck. Man the only time I saw Tanvir with bags under his eyes like this was the day after we had long leave in cadets and had to wake up at 5 AM, ouch. 39640941